Shinkirou Yozakura

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Shinkirou Yozakura

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Character Name: Shinkirou Yozakura

Character Nicknames/Aliases:
Hinky, Ozu


Rank: Genin and Student in Sunagakure

Hair Color:
Naturally Blonde, Dyed Purple to Piss off her Family

Eye color:

Distinguishing Marks/Scars:
Twin tattoos run along the length of her face, a part of the Graduation Ceremony from the Sunagakure Puppetry Academy for Young Women. They are Symbolic in the Fact that they mark her as in the top 5 in her class.

Height: 5' 7"

You should never ask that of a Lady, but 153 Pounds, 5 ounces

The Way of the Ninja

Ninjutsu in combination with powerful custom weapon usage. In detail, Yozakura is a master of using the Kugutsu No Jutsu to control her special puppet in battle

Lift Capacity:
180 Pounds for a Short span, over 100 pounds for extended distances

Stamina: Yozakura can run at a top speed of 57 MPH for Roughly two minutes, her average travel speed is 27 MPH and can be maintained for several hours with proper Nutrition

**If you specialize in one of the Following styles Particularly, Inform the Admin in the room and they will let you know if you get to know extra Jutsu in your chosen field**

Ninjutsu Known:

Suimen Hokou no Waza - Act of Water Surface Walking (E Ranked/Genin skill - Allows the User to Focus chakra on their feet in order to walk across Water or other Water-like Surfaces)

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique (E Ranked/Genin Skill - Allows the user to Change their appearance through chakra manipulation of the light that is bent and Reflected off of their body)

Kinobori no Waza - Act of Tree Climbing (E Ranked/Genin Skill - Allows the user to manipulate chakra in such a way that it allows them to Climb Vertical objects, or even Hang upside down by their feet alone)

Kai - Release (E Ranked/Genin Skill - Allows the user to Cancel the flow of Negative or Foreign chakra within their own Mind, breaking Illusions)

Bunshin No Jutsu - Art of the Doppleganger (E Rank/Genin Skill - Allows the user to create Non-real, illusory copies of themselves)

Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill (E Rank/Genin Skill - basic Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to escape from rope binds.)

Kugutsu no Jutsu - Puppetry Technique (C Ranked - Allows the user to control Animate and Inanimate objects from a distance utilizing thin strings of chakra)

Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu - Cherry Blossom Snow Storm Technnique (C Ranked - Shinkirou Yozakura will hurl kunai with pouches attached at her target. When they impact the pouches explode, releasing small explosive notes. Due to the large number of kunai thrown, a shower of notes will rain down on her target. She will then throw one final kunai with an active explosive note at her target. It will begin to burn, and by igniting the falling smaller notes it will cause a gigantic explosion)

Soushuuha - Manipulate Advancing Blades (C Ranked - Allows the user to control the path of one or more Flying Kunai, using chakra that is invisible to the naked eye, unlike that used in Kugutsu no Jutsu)

Hisan Ude Kawari - Flying Arms Change (C Ranked/Puppetry Jutsu/Custom - Allows Yozakura to Freely change the weapon that her puppet is using at the moment by summoning it from a scroll and using tiny Kugutsu strings to work the Fine machinery within the puppet's arm, equipping it's new Device)

Karyuu Endan - Fire Dragon Flame Projectile (B Ranked - a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. The ninja does a string of hand seals and the proceeds to blow a large jet of fire from their mouth.)

Genjutsu Known:

Sabaku Koutai Kanetsu - Shifting desert Heat (D Ranked/Custom - Using chakra or a Fire Jutsu, Yozakura will create heat mirages, illusions that are no more real then water in a desert. These can be used as a Distraction and can take any form)

Taijutsu Known: Uses an Advanced Weapon-based Taijutsu style, in as much as, She does not fight, but her puppet will fight physically for her.

Kekkei Genkei:

Weapons Possessed
Ranged: 26 Kunai, 30 Shuriken, 10 Makibishi
Melee: None
Specialty: 1 puppet (ooden)

Puppet Details:
Name: Tako-onna (Octopus woman)
Materials: Wood, Iron, Rubber, Hair
Physical Description: The torso of Tako-onna is essentially the same as Yozakura's, save for the lack of breasts. Long, Jointed arms are tipped by hands who's fingers are, in essence, long, heavily-poisoned, red steel claws. At the waist, the Main body of the Puppet ends, leaving a Wide hole in the base. When Deployed properly, this Hole will exude up to 10 long tentacle-esque attachments, able of free movement and Capable of Fighting under some of the toughest conditions. When three or more tentacles are together, a Weapon can be attached and used, each one different, each offering differing effects.
Chakra Pulse Attachment (Releases shockwave-like pulses of Chakra into the air, creating forceful waves of energy. Because of how the Attachment is designed, it focuses the chakra into a Wide Beam-like form which can be used to Repulse or Damage foes)

Ground-Pulse Attachment (Using a Chakra-powered Piston, the Weapon will strike the Ground forcefully, either Making A fissure in the earth [Hard-packed earth/soft stone] or Creating a Small wave of Dirt (Sand and loose soil)

Piercing Chain Attachment (Uses Long loops of chain, Four of them, attached to a single, barbed spike. Made and Designed to Remove armor and cause Irreparable damage

Poison claws (Long Iron claws, coated in a red-colored poison)

Kunai/Senbon Launcher (Fires weaponry)

Smoke Generator (Creates clouds of Poisonous smoke)

Missions completed

Character Details

Physical Description:
Unusually tall for a Female of her age, Yozakura is no skinny model-esque figure. Her form isn't plump either, however, being of an average build, her form is perfect for the highly stressful art of puppeteering. Her hair, once long and Blonde, is now a Dark shade of purple, exactly like her puppet's. Her eyes are Naturally Brown, however with the use of Advanced Infiltration Contact Lenses, she has pink irises.



Clothing worn:

Mission clothes: When on a Mission, Yozakura wears a long, dark purple cloak overtop of the Tight Purple shirt and Fishnet that she wears. She keeps scrolls hidden in the Spacious cloak, and attached to the Dark Green pants that she wears, Yozakura keeps her Other weapons

Home Clothes: Yozakura likes to Relax at home, often wearing very little around her house, which she is renting from the Sunagakure housing Authority on a three year lease. When going out for an evening, she has many purple skirts and Black shirts, of Varying styles.

Sensei: Unassigned

Born at 3:47 AM, by the light of a crescent moon through the window of the Sunagakure hospital, Shinkirou Yozakura weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces, well below that of a healthy Newborn. Placed in an Incubator for a short while, her health was ensured by a team of Medical shinobi, led by her Grandmother, a skilled Midwife and Former Squad Medic. After that first scare, however, Yozakura's life became more normal for someone her age. Learning to Talk at a young age, she was tested and discovered to be highly gifted, and therefore started in the Shinobi Academy for Girls at a younger age then usual, her courses planned and Plotted by her Grandfather, the Kazekage. After Graduation from the Shinobi Academy, she began to Train as a Genin, completing missions while still attending an educational source, the ESSP, or the Elite Sunagakure School for Puppeteering.

Growing in skill and Creativity, her first task was to create a Unique puppet, something that she took to with Great Gusto, working for weeks on end before finally constructing it, a Long behemoth bearing nearly ten Tentacles, it was Named...Tako-onna, the octopus woman. Now training with her puppet as well as her teammates, she steadily grew better and better, more and more skilled with it's use, until she had nearly perfected the use of Tako-onna in battle.

Now Seventeen, Shinkirou Yozakura is a Puppeteer with a Sense of humor like no other. She takes a Sort of Sick pride in her Ninjutsu, Even having Conversations with Tako-Onna mid-battle, something that most enemies find unnerving. Through her parent's raising, and her Grandparent's Training, she has become a skilled Genin, and once she moves up in the ranks, she has decided to Pursue her goals more directly.
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