Juuton Hinamori

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Juuton Hinamori

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Name: Juuton Hinamori

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Weapons: Scalpels, Bone saw, Sewing needle, Thread (kept in Reels on Side) Senbon (accupuncture needles)

Kugutsu no jutsu: Uses this to Control needles
Sennou Jutsu (brain Washing Technique): Uses in Extreme situations.
Shikon no Jutsu - Dead Soul Technique.
Shintenshin no Jutsu - Mind Body Change Technique
Shousen Jutsu - Mystical Hand Technique
Chakra no Mesu
Doku Kiri
Infuuin • Kai - Secret Mark Seal • Release
Souzou Saisei - Creation Rebirth
Kuchiyose no jutsu - Fukurou (owl)
Nehan Shouja no Jutsu - Temple of Nirvana Technique
Gouwan - Strong Arm
Hien - Flying Swallow

Elements: Unknown, Assumed Wind

Appearance: Image

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 114 lbs

Speices: Human

Village: Home Village is Konoha, Currently Dissassociated with them Save for in times of Crisis

Weakness: Strong Ninjutsu, Taijutsu.

Likes: Calm and peaceful moments. Fond of Traditional Flower arranging and Tea Ceremonies. Likes a Man who is Strong, Quiet and intelligent

Dislikes: People who disturb her inner peace with Shouting and screaming. People who rush Headlong into a Fight. Fighting.

History: Born in Konohagakure, Juuton Hinamori Was Trained in the Shinobi academy in the basic ninja arts, until she showed a dislike of Violence, one so strong that she would Break down in tears in a Fight. Taken by the Medical Squad, she was Trained In the Medical arts and Stayed in the Village until she Hit Jounin Rank. Now she moves throughout the lands, Using her abilities as a healer to Attempt to Bring peace to the nations, Cooperation among them. She is Currently looking for Other Medics in order to form a team
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