Hamanakyo Iyouto

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Hamanakyo Iyouto

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Name: Hamanakyo Iyouto

Other Names: The Caller

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Ranks: Tokubetsu Jounin

Positions: Konoha Military Police, Division 6, Crime scene Investigation Special Agent.

Hidden Village: Konohagakure

Clan: Hamanakyo

Clan Specialties: The use of Extra-sensory Jutsu for Missions

Specialties: The use of her Rin'ngan for Evidence Gathering, Tracking, sweeping through large areas and Search & Rescue

Pic: Image

Clothings: See above, When not in Konoha MP uniform, wears that.

Tattoos/Markings: None Visible, she does have a Tattoo on her shoulders, One a Bullseye with Black rings, the other a Bullseye with white rings

Scars: None

Shoes: Sandles, Sometimes boots

Hair color: Black

Eye color:
With Rin'ngan deactivated: Hazel
With Rin'ngan activated: Her usual Hazel, but now ringed with an odd Spiraling Bullseye

Hair length: Pretty f**king long

Accessories: Hair Combs, Konoha Military Police badge, Basic Medical Tools, Basic Crime Scene Kit

Tools and Equipments: CSI Kit, Summoning Scrolls


Kuchiyose no jutsu - raku-n
Kage Bunshin no jutsu
Rin'n Bunshin no jutsu
Baku Suishouha - Bursting Water Collision Waves
Bunshin Bakuha - Shadow Clone Explosion
Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Great Fireball Technique
Hari Jizou - Underworld Guardian Spikes
Housenka no Jutsu - Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique
Kanashibari no Jutsu - Temporary Body Paralysis Technique
Kao Utsushi no Jutsu - Face Copy Technique
Mikadzuki no Mai - Dance of the Crescent Moon
Reppushou - Gale Wind Palm
Senei Ta Jashu - Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hands
Shihouhappou Shuriken - All Directions Shuriken

Other Infos: coming soon

Species: Human

Weapons: Senbon, Tanto, Makabishi

Blood Color: red

Blood Type: -A

Chakra Color: Blue

Chakra Level: 8

Weakness: Underground attacks

Relations: Unknown (Classified)

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