Maeda Korin

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Maeda Korin

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Name: Maeda Korin

Other Names: Baka

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Ranks: Genin

Positions: Genin

Hidden Village: Leaf

Clan: N/A

Clan Specialties: N/A

Specialties: Summoning


Clothings: White shirt, checkered pajamas

Tattoos/Markings: N/A

Scars: 7 long ones on his back

Shoes: Pink bunny slippers

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Light blue

Hair length: Shaggy

Accessories: Belt filled with summoning scrolls

Tools and Equipments: Summoning scrolls

Jutsus: Summoning?

Other Infos:

Weapons: Kunai

Blood Color: Red

Blood Type: O-

Chakra Color: Blue

Chakra Level: Low-mid

Weakness: He's pretty weak

Relations: Parents

History: Was abused by father until a Jonin found out and told the hokage and now his father is in jail and he is left with his mother who is a complete "Gearhead" and usually forgets to make meals.

Is that good enough?
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Re: Maeda Korin

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Animal summonings and Summoning Technique jutsus can only be used by chunnin and above.
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