Jake Borne Character Sheet

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Jake Borne Character Sheet

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== Character Profile Sheet ==
Full Name: Borne, Jake
Codename: Jericho
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Genetic Type: Coordinator
Nationality: Scottland
= Hair Color: Brown
=Hair Length: Short Spiky
=Eye Color: Blue
=Markings/Scars: None
=Black Jeans, Black Jacket, Dark blue shirt with cross like logo in duel white lines, Tennis shoes.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Average at 130
Personality: Youthful and Go Lucky until a nerve is struck, tends to become very serious on missions.
Mobile Suit: XR-31 Jericho
Alliance/Faction: ZAFT
Rank: Pilot
Occupation: Mobile Suit / Gundam Pilot {Whichever he is in at the time}
History: Joined Zaft after making a promise to always protect his little sister. To this day he keeps a picture of her at all times with me. She always did like to smile.
At a young age he showed great prospects towards programming. His major skill was in designing new more effecient AI's for Mobile Suits to the point that some almost seemed to pilot the units by themselves. Even now he works on his own pet project for his own Mobile Suit called the Zero Sigma System or ZSS. He was always told it was a waist of time. His younger sister got sick when he was 16 but she still would lay there watching him work. Even when she died at 8 years old when he was 18 she'd spent her last few moments wanting to seem him finish the ZSS. He will have it fully working one day and use it to end all wars.

RP Sample:
-Jake sat in the XR-31 looking over the controls, letting his hand slowly move over them to feel the texture of the toggles and buttons. It had been about a year since he last sat here and it had gained so much dust.. 4 years since she died. The ZSS wasn't finished but even now he had it uploading what was the Prototype into the Mobile Suits computer. Once it finished the upload he began typing furiously on the keyboard before him while sweat dripped down his forhead. He had to get it operational. He wanted to fight, no, he wanted to protect, and stop the fighting. Up above he heard the sounds of the jets passing over then the sudden booms of the bombs hitting targets. The raid had been going on for about twenty minutes now. It had been 5 minutes since he'd gotten into the XR-31 and 10 minutes since getting permission to take it out of the underground hanger. Would this be the day he showed his skills to them all. Would this be the day he showed them the XR-31, a Mobile Suit he and some friends had worked and built from scrap. He looked up at Sarah's picture stuck to the top right of the large monitor and smiled. Yes. Yes it was.

<Hope you have enjoyed this brief demonstration>
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