Kojima Clan

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Kojima Clan

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Clan name: Kojima

Home Village: Mist

Kekkei Genkei Name: Ishimaru Chakra (Chaos Chakra) and the Bakuran Eye

Description of the Kekkei: It's a special chakra that can only be obtain when a Kojima kills both his parents.

How the Kekkei Works: Almost reacting like the Kyubi's chakra, it surrounds your body and gives you a special adrenaline that sets your mind loose but increases your power x10.

Kekkei/ability Type: Harajutsu (Chakra Manipulation Jutsu)

Kekkei/ability weakness: Same Kekkei Genkai ability counters the other.

Long-term effect on the body: Makes you mad with power and forgets everything until the chakra is at it's limit and stops flowing.


Soul Absorption Jutsu
Range: 0-10
Description: Takes the opponent's abilities, memories and slowly takes away his/her life-span.

Soul Possession Jutsu
Range: 0-5
Description: Takes FULL control over the enemie's body, mind, and chakra.


Ryou Hamano (Soul panic)
Type: Genjutsu (Eye Technique)
Makes the enemy enter a panic state by watching painful images of the user's victims and feels their pain.

Soul Explosion
Type: Genjutsu (Eye Technique)
Range: 0-20
Class: S
Description: This can be used as a combination along with the Soul Panic. It completely destroys the soul of your opponent but the body stays intact.
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Re: Kojima Clan

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Denied, read the rules, this post is pretty much the same as the one I posted on your character submission.

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