Mizu-Shuuren no jutsu

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Mizu-Shuuren no jutsu

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Name: Mizu-Shuuren no jutsu
Character Use: Ryujin Ashigara
Note: just developed not mastered when mastered up to b rank
Description: the Mizu Shuuren technique is a jutsu being developed by Ryujin Ashigara viewtopic.php?f=4&t=197 Mizu Shuuren Literally mean water drill since ryujin is just a genin he doesnt have it down pact all the way but by the time he becomes chuunin he will have mastered it. the jutsu uses water to rotate around in a fast motion around his forearm to the tip of his fingers. the more chakra you apply the more faster and more water there will be. the jutsu is a 0+5 range attack he has to dash up to the opponent and strike them in the chest or stomach. currently the jutsu is at an C rank jutsu. the jutsu is like a mini typhoon on a hand so you get the picture. ^^
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