Kamizuru Kawasaki

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Kamizuru Kawasaki

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Name: Kamizuru Kawasaki

Other Names: Kawa, was called Kawa-kun by his parents.

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Ranks: Wandering nin (assumed genin)

Positions: Wandering nin (assumed genin)

Hidden Village: none (explained in history) will fit into any village that takes him in

Clan: Kamizuru

Clan Specialties: use of bees and wasps and other various bugs in their jutsu.

Specialties: making of honey and poisons with his bees.Scouting

Clothings: wears a long light brown cloak that goes down far enough to wrap around him and still drag on the ground a little.wears a black jacket and pants with a blue undershirt

Tattoos/Markings: none

Scars: none

Shoes: brown ninja sandals

Hair color: black

Eye color: Gray

Hair length: black

Accessories: wears long white ribbons around his neck and arms.

Tools and Equipments: jars,kunai,shuriken,bag of sugar,prepared poisoned needle launcher

Elements: Earth

Shikomi Shindan - Prepared Needle Projectile

Hachimitsu no Jutsu - Bee Honey Technique

Hachi Senbon no Jutsu - Thousand Bees Technique

Hachi Bunshin no jutsu- Bee Clone Technique
History: Along time ago,the Kamizuru Clan inhabited Iwagakure and were rivals of the Aburame Clan of Konohagakure.One day,the clan Leaders had acquired a piece of information that pointed to their lost forbidden scroll of clan techniques.They dispatched Kamizuru Ezune,a gifted male of the clan,and a Kunoichi by the name of Miturishi Okan.During their time they searched for the scroll,they constantly argued but soon began to get along.After their search turned up with almost nothing,just another lead that was probably untrue,they returned to their village,only to find it incinerated.Dismayed,they fled south to a small village along the border,and tried their best to settle down.They later had a son by the name of Kamizuru Kawasaki,who his parents affectionately called "Kawa-kun".The boy had a natural talent with the using the clans techniques,and was soon put under early training by his father.At the age of 6,he had mastered the basics of controlling the swarm,and was able to bond with them easily.His father was amazed,and began calling him the "hope of the clan's rebirth".Later,his mother told him stories of an old artifact somewhere in a eastern temple,their last lead on the scroll.At the age of 7,the young boy awoke to find a small note on a table in their home.It stated "We finally got a lead on the person who destroyed our homeland,we will return soon with their head,don't worry,we'll return home soon,be safe my son". After a year of waiting,they did not return,and the young boy set out to find them.After 2 years of searching with no leads or even sitings of them,he came to the conclusion
that they had been killed.He continued to wander,heading east,for another 2 years,looking for a place he could call home,and always searching for the artifact that could be used to bring back hope to the nearly extinct clan.

Personality: is shy,but nice once you can get him to trust you.Sometimes has flashback memories of his parents,and when it does occur,he'll normally break down for awhile.he is also incredibly lazy,and prefers to sleep around or in trees in warm weather.

Likes: his bees,sweet things,being around someone,sleeping.

Dislikes: being alone,smoke,hot temperatures.

Other Infos: he is said to be the last of his clan,and is simply looking for a place he can call home. Was last seen in the Rain country

Species: human

Weapons: bees

Blood Color: red

Blood Type: A

Chakra Color: blue

Chakra Level: medium

Weakness: Katon jutsu

Relations: none.parents are presumed dead
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