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Note - this is my first attempt at RP, and making a character. The concept seems good in my mind, but I think I may have struggled to convey my idea onto the sheet. Sorry if that is true. All categories not shown, are extras, and are not possessed. eg. Tools and Equipment - she uses none.


Name: Gale (see history)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Ranks: Genin

Positions: Scholarly monk, no position in ninja hierachy.

Hidden Village:

Clan: Unknown (see history)

Clan Specialties:
Wind justsu, normally focused around Taijutsus. Involving extremely fast movement, and stealth - but with little strength buffs. Other benefits from this bloodlimit is an increased affinity for wind, increasing the power of all clan members wind jutsu, (See history)

Specialties: Personal specialities are not really known, Gale appears to be physically strong, but her main advantage is speed and stealth. (See history)

Clothings: Gale wears a crisp white monk robe, which is always perfectly clean.

Tattoos/Markings: Insignias on her arms and hands which glow as she performs jutsu, the glow colour is white.

Shoes: Simple sandals.

Hair color:

Eye color: Brown

Hair length:
Long, wispy hair which tends to float around her as she casts jutsus.

Has a silver ring on her fouth finger, indicative of marriage, but not known.

Jutsus: (neither of which are currently known to Gale... read history for explanation)
Hien - Flying Swallow
Jinton no Jutsu - Swift Release Technique (as seen with Hiruko, who stole the ability from another ninja, not mentioned)

Other Infos: Gale prefers not to use large weapons, instead she uses well placed palm strikes to down a foe (note: not blows that stop foe's chakra flow). In a tough situation, Gale draws the two short swords strapped to her back. She then uses Hien to sharpen and extend the edges. (Read history, not currently known to her)

Weapons: Two short swords, strapped to back. Shuriken is also used, but not favoured for its lack of manouverability.

Blood Color:

Blood Type: A

Chakra Color:
Slight white tinge, but not normally visible, instead the use of power is shown by the glowing patterns on her arms, and the increased movement of air around her.

Chakra Level: Below average, but not by much.

Weakness: Whilst Gale has both speed and stealth, she lacks strength. This is her main weakness in battle, if she takes a few hits, she cannot continue the fight. However, due to her speed, retreating is normally an effective tactic. Outside of battle, she is an idealist, and follows her beliefs, no matter the consequence - this can both be good and bad, depending on the situation.

Relations: Gale has mutual respect for the monks that teach her, but apart from that, she knows noone. She currrently has no friends, or mentor. (see history).

Once, a powerfull smuggler was passing through the woods of Konoha travelling to Soragakure, selling forbidden plants and knowledge. On the second day of his journey, he came across an opening in the woodland, and saw someone in the middle of the clearing. Upon approaching the person, he noted that she wore immaculately clean white robes, much like a monk, and appeared to be meditating and had her eyes shut. The smuggler was concerned that the monk was a ninja hired by Konoha to arrest him, so he drew his kunai. As he threw his kunai at the monk, her arms started to glow, and suddenly air burst out from her body, repelling the kunai - it slammed into the tree, right next to the smuggler. The blast was so strong the smuggler was knocked off his feet, and thrown back a large distance. After composing himself, the smuggler looked at the monk, she was lying flat on the ground now, seemingly asleep. The smuggler walked over to her body, and looked at her, he was exhausted from the fight, and couldn't afford another battle - but she was completely knocked out. Whilst she slept, her studied her, she had pale white skin, and long white hair. As he looked, he realized that every aspect of her was white. Amazed by the power the sleeping child, for that is what he realized she was, possessed he decided to capture her, and bring her up as his own child, so he could abuse her power.

During the next few days of travelling, she never stirred,it soon became clear to the smuggler that she was not a threat. On the seventh day of travelling, the smuggler had almost reach Soragakure, when a group of ninja engaged him in a battle. The encounter did not last long, but during it a ninja used a powerful taijustsu that released a lot of chakra, as this chakra swept over the battlefield, it reached the girl and dissapeared - the girl had absorbed it. Suddenly, she started glowing again, and power rushed out from her, air rushed in all directions, much like a storm, and threw the ninjas away. As the dust cloud cleared, the ninja team leader looked across the battlefield, the smuggler lay dead in the middle, clutching his last kunai. That was a relief, he thought. But then his eyes turned to the girl, she was awake now, and sitting against a tree, seemingly confused. The leader approached her with haste, she appeared to be a powerful ninja, but as he approached, sword in hand, something stopped him in his tracks. "H...H..Help", the girl whispered, and then she was asleep. The team noticed that this sleep was not like the one she arrived to the battlefield in, in that sleep she looking oblivious to the world, in this new sleep, she appeared to be peaceful, and happy almost. But then the leader remembered her words.... he gathered his team around him, and told them he was going to take the girl back to the village, but to be wary. Once they reached the village they gave the girl a bed, and left her to sleep.

After two days the girl awoke, and sat up. She noted her room, the bed was comfy and there was a pleasant breeze flowing through the open window. "Ah, you're awake Gale" a voice said. "Gale?" the girl quizzed. The guard responded "Yes, we didn't know your name, so we called you Gale, after your jutsu in the wood. So what is your real name then?". Confused, Gale thought. After a few minutes she looked at the guard, and responded "To tell the truth, I don't remember. In fact, I don't remember anything."

After a few days of living in Soragakure, Gale had become known, respected and feared - the powerful girl, dressed in perfect white, and without a memory. The monks at Soragakure took Gale in, and taught her to control her air affinity, they often wondered if she had a bloodlimit jutsu - her jutsu was so strong. The monks soon found Gale to be an agile fighter, with great dexterity and speed. As she developed as a fighter, she also grew in personality, partly due to the monks influence, and became a fierce fighter, who would follow her beliefs even if doubted. Slowly, she began to develop relationships amongst the other ninja but inwards loathes her lack of family or close friends, because of this, Gale aspires to become part of a ninja team - so she feels she belongs. Gale often meditates in excess, as taught by the monks, as she believes it will bring her memory back. The truth is however, this peace of mind greatly enhances her use of chakra, and allows her to achieve feats not possible to equally powerful ninja. The constant meditating leaves little time for her to socialise, but this doesnt bother her.

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