Akasun Yashamaru

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Akasun Yashamaru

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Name: Akasun Yashamaru

Other Names: Angel

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Ranks: Genin

Positions: Oturan Uzumaki, Naomi Mitzchigure

Hidden Village: Leaf

Clan: Yashamaru

Clan Specialties: Fire Jet

Specialties: Ninjutsu

Pic: (Not required)

Clothings: Khaki shorts, White long sleeve shirt, Cerulean t-shirt, Black fingerless gloves, Blue hitai-ate on forehead

Tattoos/Markings: Kanji for 'fire' on right shoulder

Scars: None

Shoes: Blue Zori

Hair color: Sky Blue

Eye color: Purple

Hair length: Short

Accessories: None

Tools and Equipments: Scrolls

Jutsus: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Transformation, Piercing Fang, Shadow Leaf Dance, Leaf Spinning Wind, Beast-Human Clone, All fire jutsus, Fire Style: Fire Jet (Her clan's signature jutsu; creates a flame whose width corresponds with the user's chakra level)

Other Infos: (Other stuffs)

Weapons: Shuriken, Kunai, Twin Dragon handled katana

Blood Color: Red

Blood Type: AB+

Chakra Color: Light Blue

Chakra Level: Mid

Weakness: losing her friends

Relations: Kashimi Yashamaru (dad, deceased), Kiashi Yashamaru (mom), Kiyoko Yashamaru (brother)

History: Akasun was born to Konoha's newest clan, the Yashamaru. She showed great potential when she first produced the Fire Jet at age five. At that time, her father was murdered by a rouge ninja. Her mother, Akasun and her brother escaped. At age eight, she decided to become a shinobi to protect her family. She does anything for them. At her first day at the Academy, she met Oturan Uzumaki and her future rival, Naomi Mitzchigure. She and Oturan seem to have a great friendship. She's do anything for him. At age twelve, she and her classmates graduated the Academy.
Fire Style: Fire Jet!!!!!

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