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[INFO] Character Posting Rules

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== Character Posting Rules ==
No unknown jutsus/species/age/weapons/items/etc allowed.

List all the Jutsus your character has, Custom Jutsus must be detailed on what it can do. All Custom Jutsus now requires to be checked with EclipseDarkmaster first.

God or Demi-God characters is NOT allowed.

Characters MUST have at least one or more weaknesses listed, and keep the weaknesses possible.

Characters can NOT have the age as old as time or anything like that.

Characters is not allowed to have Items/Weapons/Jutsus/etc. types that's listed in the Disallowed Items/Weapons/Jutsus/etc. types section. See below for list.

No Pre-Made Characters allowed. Meaning No Characters from Naruto or any other games/anime/etc. Please, be original. This Naruto RP takes place roughly 60 years after Naruto: Shippudan.

No custom villages unless you have a character that passed the Chuunin & Jounin Exams and is officially a Jounin. The villages posted in history must have there names posted otherwise i will count it as a custom village, destroyed villages thats not a pre-made apply as well.

Characters must begin as a Genin, unless pre-approved by a Founder or Co-Founder.

Genin characters can only use E/D/C jutsu. Chuunin characters can only use E/D/C/B. Jounin/Kage can use all ranks. Please refer to http://www.leafninja.com/

Characters can't be related to any Pre-Made character, the character can be in a pre-made clan; the only pre-made clan's last names approved is the ones listed in the clan section of leafninja.com. However, they can't be directly related to them, For example: brother, or sister.

Don't mention canon characters in the character profile.

When posting your character, use the whole character profile sheet below, with the exception of weight, height and pic. Otherwise, I won't approve the profile.

Scythes are allowed, with the limit of 4 per month, and the person has to be qualified by a kage to use.

Puppets are allowed. The person using the character must be qualified by a kage to use

The use of 'Kage' as a first or last name is disallowed, seeing as people might get confused with the character being a kage.

Characters are allowed to use lightning jutsus, which is now only allowed to be used by higher ranked ninjas, mainly Jounin level and above. Lightning jutsus can only be used with an metal weaponry designed for the task, and the weapon needs to be described the limits on it.

Characters as Genin can have 1 to 2 elements, Chuunin can have 2 to 3 elements, Jounin can have 3 to 4 elements, Kage can have 4 to 5 elements. However, Characters MUST start as a Genin, meaning your character can have 1 or 2 elements as starting. Also, characters can not have all the elements. Do not list more then the allowed elements unless it is said that it is for when your character gets to a higher rank. For example: Fire, Water, Wind (Chuunin), Lightning (Jounin), Earth (Kage).

Animal summonings can only be used by Chuunin or higher characters. This applies to all characters.

No relationship with pre-made characters is allowed.

New members with their first approved character must be tested by a Partial Kage or Kage to rank up to genin.

Pets and animals should be indigenous to the area of origin.

Pets can only be animals.

Any bloodlimit jutsus that is close to Sharingan or Byakugan is disallowed. This includes Kekkei Clans. Shadougan is excepted from this rule.

Ice and Snow jutsus is not allowed to be used by anyone except these who is a Snow Ninja, but is in Extreme Supervision and observation by the kages. Hyouton techniques are Chuunin level elements and require the base elements to be Suiton/Fuuton (Water & Wind)

Unranked jutsu (For example: -, Rank Unknown) will be ranked by EclipseDarkmaster for use by characters. If he judges it above your characters limit, you will not be allowed to use it

Pre-made Weapons from Naruto/anime/manga is not allowed to be used unless they are standard weapons like a longsword, katana or any other standard ninja weapons without any special powers. You can add your own powers, but they will need to be approved by EclipseDarkmaster.

Jinchuuriki will not be approved unless approved by a Founder or Co-Founder. Custom Bijuus is not allowed, and 9th Bijuu is not allowed until further notice.

Characters is not allowed to be in Extinct Clans, any new characters that is in a Extinct Clan will be disapproved. This includes the use of their jutsus, bloodlimits, etc. See list at end of this journal entry.

Characters is not allowed to be in mixed clans (For example: Uchiha and Hyuuga), these characters will be disapproved if found.

Characters can't be related to a kage in any way, unless the character is related to a kage of their own village or had permission to make a character thats related to a custom village's kage by the owner.

Mokuton (Wood Element) techniques can only be used by Grass Ninjas. Mokuton techniques are Chuunin level elements and require base elements to be Doton/Suiton (Earth & Water)

Characters is not allowed to be from a destroyed villages, unless the character was created before the village was destroyed, or new characters that has a good history of how they escaped the village, and is considered responsible a roleplayer. All other characters that tries to make a character from a destroyed village that doesn't match the requirements will be denied.

No teleportation for anyone under jounin. They also cannot perfom the teleportation without a jutsu or rites for it. Absolute Speed also requires extreme taijutsu training. No instant contact unless you have a character who is completely focused on taijutsu only.

Characters is not allowed to be from no village, all characters must have a village unless they have been exiled from it (with a full history why), the village has been destroyed (that is if you give a good history like the rule before this one says), or you have a good history explaining why your character has no village.

New Characters would be allowed to be Taijutsu Specialists, however, they Need to Be Chuunin Before using ANY of the Gates. Older characters May keep the ability, however, it will come with a price for using it

Rules For The Eight Celestial Gates Usage:
  • The Eight Celestial Gates are a Kinjutsu-Related Technique, unlockable through Training alone
  • Due to the Strain Provided on one's Body when Using the Gates, One may use them in moderation only. If one Unlocks the 1st gate, they may not use it again for a Day. If one Unlocks the 2nd Gate, Three Days must be Waited before Using again.
  • Due to the Immense Strain of Unlocking the Third Gate (Seimon) The User Will Suffer inner injuries to their Muscles, spraining, pulling them and Losing Stamina Much Faster then usual. The period of wait after this is One Week.
  • The Gates past the Third are Extremely Damaging to the body and Unlocking them will Result in a Mandatory Injury that will Put the Character into The Hospital After the Battle for no less then one week and up to two months at a Kage's Discretion
If a new custom village is made, both the village and the kage/council character(s) must be approved before anyone of the village can rp.

If a member with a Jounin ranked character wishes to join Akatsuki, all current online kages (Kage and Partial Kage) must approve the character to be in the organization. If one or more of the Kage are idle, the user will have to wait on their responses before results. Only Jounin rank and above characters can join Akatsuki.

No Characters may be killed by Another's Character without Prior Consent, Noted by A Founder, Co-Founder or Two Operators

Sage Chakra: Sage Chakra allows Senjutsu, or Sage Techniques. It is a Form of Natural Chakra that takes Difficult Training to use, and is Therefore restricted in usage to chakracters that have two months between the current date and their Creation. It is Preffered that Genin do not Attempt to Learn the Use of Sage Chakra, as it Requires Extreme Levels of Chakra. To Apply for Consideration to be trained, Please note either DeathShadow--666 or EclipseDarkmaster.

No character is allowed to Start with a cursed seal, this is a gift given by the Sound Kage, and can only be obtained in RP.

Any characters that have obtained or been born with Special abilities due to Genetic or Physical Alteration MUST come from Otogakure, the Village hidden in Sound. These characters are not allowed to leave easily, and will likely spend their entire lives in the sound village. Any Such character wanting to Abandon the Sound village Must Defeat Two Squads of Four Hunter-Ranked Shinobi controlled by a Kage or Partial Kage before they are allowed to leave

== Character NameGen ==
If you need help with a character name, you can use this http://rinkworks.com/namegen/

== Jutsus ==
If you need a list of jutsus, you can use this: Leafninja.com. We use that site to check the jutsus, so I recommend you to use that site.

== List of Extinct Clans ==
The List of Extinct Clans can now be found on the NWRP Forums @ http://forums.shadowkitsune.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=174

== List of Destroyed Villages ==
The List of Destroyed Villages can now be found on the NWRP Forums @ http://forums.shadowkitsune.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=168

== List of Choosable Villages ==
The List of Choosable Villages can be found on the NWRP Forums @ http://forums.shadowkitsune.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=210

== List of Elements ==
The List of Elements can be found on the NWRP Forums @ http://forums.shadowkitsune.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=258

== List of Disallowed Items/Weapons/Jutsus/etc. types ==
The List of Disallowed Items/Weapons/Jutsus/etc. types can be found on the NWRP Forums @ http://forums.shadowkitsune.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=291
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