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Shinobi to be considered Highly Dangerous and Captured or Killed at any cost:

From Makurayamigakure

Name: Firestorm
Rank: **S Class
Age: Unknown (Assumed mid 20's)
Bounty: 16,450,799,100 Ryou
Known Aliases: None known, but may have other aliases.
This shinobi hails from the Village hidden in Total Darkness. A warmonger of Extreme power, he has been known to eliminate an entire village in mere moments. He is to be avoided at all costs. If capture is possible, Kill.

Name: Bloodstorm
Rank: S-Class
Age: 17
Known Aliases: Firebrand
Bounty: 7,000,050 Ryou
This Youthful Shinobi is Ranked officially as a Genin. Power-wise, he is able to defeat a S-Class Shinobi Criminal with minimal Effort. Strong and Fast, he is Like his father. It is preferred you Kill, rather then capture

The list for Nagosa is Incomplete. No Full information is available about the Shinobi. All are S-Classed and Considered Highly Dangerous.
All Have Bounties of Minimum 10,000,000 Ryou

From Chishiogakure

Name: Sumire
Rank: A-Class
Age: Unknown
Known Aliases: none
Bounty: 14,500 Ryou
Not much is known about this Shinobi. Left Chishiogakure to Train under Daemon. Consider Highly Dangerous.

From Amegakure

Name: Lunaria Uri
Rank: S+ Class
Age: 15
Known Aliases: Uri No Ame, Uri no Nekomata.
Bounty: 2,328,500 Ryou
A shinobi of Questionable history, it is known that Uri was Raised until she was six years of Age in Amegakure, Afterwards, she Joined Otogakure, then From there, The New Akatsuki, Leading a Campaign to Enlist new members. Approach only if Needed.

Name: Hitsuke Sekiyu
Rank: Unknown
Age: Unknown, presumed to be 24+
Known Aliases: Tenmakaji
Bounty: Unknown
After denouncing his clan and defecting from Amekagure, Sekiyu had a brief stint within the Akatsuki but left for unknown reasons. Approach and engage with caution; he is known to have a very volatile temper.

From Kusagakure

Name: Ibara Inomari
Rank: C-Class
Age: 14
Known Aliases: none
Bounty: Unknown
Cannibalistic shinobi Responsible for the Destruction of Two clans in Kusagakure. No further Information Given

From Konohagakure

Name: Darkfire
Rank *S Class
Age: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Bounty: Unknown
No Information or Reason for entry is Given for this Shinobi. Kill on sight.

From Kirigakure

Name: Gekijaku, Akito
Rank: A-Class
Age: 23
Known Aliases: Mizukage
Bounty: 58,500 Ryou
This Shinobi is the Kage of The Village hidden in the Mist, and is a Dangerous Shinobi. Use caution when approaching.

List of NWRP Bingo Book Classifications: (From lowest to highest)

D-Class: Capture; Wanted Alive except in special circumstances
C-Class: Capture; Wanted Alive except in special circumstances
B-Class: Capture; Wanted Dead or Alive
A-Class: Capture; Wanted Dead or Alive
S-Class: Kill on Sight; Wanted Dead
S+ Class: Kill on Sight; Wanted Dead
*S Class: Kill on Sight; Wanted Dead
**S Class: Flee on Sight;
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