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]Clan name:[/b] Clan Yajuurikka (Snow Beast)

Home Village: Yukigakure

Kekkei Genkei Name:
Doubutsu shinjou kaihen

Description of the Kekkei: By Transforming the Shape of their Body, a Yajuurikka shinobi can Take on the Form of a Beast to Attack their Enemy with the Added element of Suprise.

How the Kekkei Works: By Altering their Chakra flow, a Yajuurikka Clan Shinobi can Alter their Molecular Structure Temporarily. The Shinobi are limited to One alternate form Until they reach Jounin Rank, when they can choose another and Take on a Training Program that lasts up to a Year.

Kekkei/ability Type: This is a Nin/taijutsu Kekkei

Kekkei/ability weakness: The Shinobi cannot Increase/Decrease their mass. No matter the Form, they will Have the same amount of matter in their Form, Making it hard to Do smaller Transformations, as the Size will be massive in comparison.

Long-term effect on the body: The Constant Change Can Affect the Molecular Structure Permantly, Leaving them a Talking, Jutsu-Using Beast for life.

Required Equipment: None.


Teiku doubutsutatazumai No Jutsu - Art of Taking the Shape of an Animal
Rank: C
Type: Kekkei Ninjutsu
Range: 0m
Teiku doubutsutatazumai No Jutsu - Art of Taking the Shape of an Animal Is the Main Clan Kekkei Jutsu of the Yajuurikka Clan. Utilizing their Special abilities, they will Take the form of their chosen beast.

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