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Village Name: Soragakure(Sky village)

Village Symbol: Image

Village Background: The village was form during a great war but kept themselves in the shadows until they were ready to become a true village rather then a fake one, they’re current location is in the Whirlpool Country and they have been focusing their energy to get treaties from other villages to prepare themselves if they should ever get into a war. The history of the temple is unknown but they said that it was one of the villages of the old days and it's destruction is unknow. The Air in the village is sightly clearer then most air since most air has dust and pollution. There are a less amount of clouds in the village. The trees are a little greener and liver than most villages. The animals are nicer but they are very good hidding from outsiders. Summer time in the village is a little hotter than most villages but when winter come their is less snow. The ninja their are very good at runing and keeping themselfs in the shadows by using their wind jutsu. They don't attack until they are given a reason too.

Village Leader: Setsuna Tsukiyomi

Events of Note: 5 years ago, the village was founded by Setsuna Tsukiyomi. 2 years ago, the village was well built and was ready to be known by the world. 4 months ago, the Kazu clan has moved into the village

The Sites: The village is in the center of the whirlpool country.

There’s an ancient temple outside west of the village in 20km

There’s the main kage building that’s far north in the village, the academy is a few distance from the main kage building. The training grounds are located in the forest sector of the village.

Home Clans: Kazu clan

Current Allies: Konohagakure but is working on getting alliances with Arashigakure, Shinkangakure, Numagakure, Chishiogakure

Current Trade agreements: none yet but is trying to establish trades with Arashigakure, Neo-Konoha, Chishiogakure, Shinkangakure and Numagakure

Current Wars: None yet

Current Members:Setsuna Kazu, Azuna Nikaru Kazu,Ryujin Asryujin,Haro Ashigara (kazu),Aoi-samui Tomoyo

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