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ShadowGundamRP Timeline

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#ShadowGundamRP Timeline:

(Date Unknown):
Formation of Shadow Union.

C.E. 79, February 5:
Lilith killed the general of Earth Alliance and blew up the ship using the ZAFT's explosives. Reports show no one survived the attack.

C.E. 79, February 10:
Start of the Third Bloody Valentine War between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance - Earth Alliance declares war on ZAFT for the attack on February 5th.

C.E. 79, April 25:
Angelis imploded an Three Ship Alliance ship, the Archangel. Reports show 90% survived the attack. Kira Yamato is assumed KIA.

C.E 79, April 26 - December 31:

C.E 80, January 1:
Shadow Union commences "Operation Pitch Black" at midnight of January 1st. Happy New Years, suckers.

More to come. This is WIP.
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Re: ShadowGundamRP Timeline

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