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List of Prohibited Weapons/Equipments

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:31 pm
by ClanCC
Prohibited: Is Not allowed to be used, No Exceptions.

List of Prohibited Weapons/Equipments types:
  • Armor that is immune to everything
  • Destroying half or whole planet(s), galaxy(ies), or universe(s).
  • Dimensional Rifts.
  • Gravity.
  • Nuclear Weapons (e.g: Nuclear missiles)
  • Unlimited power supply
  • Unlimited weapon ammunition
  • Weapons, or Equipments from other gundam timelines. (UC, Future Century, AC, After War, Correct Century or Anno Domini)
List of Prohibited Weapons/Equipments:
  • Mirage Colloid Virus Spreader
  • Superweapon Technology - Not Including Neutron Jammer, and Neutron Jammer Canceller.
More to come. This is WIP.

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