Shichi Seijun no Buntai - Squad of the Pure Seven Applicatio

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Shichi Seijun no Buntai - Squad of the Pure Seven Applicatio

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First, The Rules:

1: This Group is open to Characters of a Chuunin or Higher Rank
2: The Selection is Done by me and Me Alone.
3: No Godmodding will be Tolerated by the members.
4: You Must Fill out Entire Application and Post as a Reply

Application Sheet:

CHARACTER NAME: Posting your Character's Sheet here in a Link is Fine too.

Character Specialty: What does your character Specialize in? Tracking? Ninjutsu? Genjutsu? Taijutsu?

Character Home Village: Where are they From.

Short Character History: No more then 2 paragraphs.


The Shichi Seijun Buntai's Mission

Formed in Secret by the Chikage, the Shichi Seijun no Buntai's Mission is To Delay, Detain and Destroy the Akatsuki through any means necessary. For this Goal, the Seven Chosen will be Elites, the Best of the Best in their Respective Categories and Abilities. As a Group, The Generally Wear their Regular Clothes, however, when Working together or on the move as one, they Don Pure white Cloaks, The Design of a Setting sun on the back, the Top Hidden by a Cloud.


Purity of Heart: (leader) Imakii Hanasuna
Purity of Soul: (Lieutenant): Darkshadow Firestorm
Purity of Technique: (Ninjutusu Specialist) Shippu Sai
Purity of Mind: (Genjutsu Specialist) Shiyounin Gatsudai
Purity of Body: (Taijutsu Specialist) Choujou Ka
Purity of Form: (Weapons Specialist) Imakii Konomashii
Purity of Acts: (Information Specialist)
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Re: Shichi Seijun no Buntai - Squad of the Pure Seven Applicatio

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CHARACTER NAME: Samael Iwikawa

Character Specialty: Tracking

Character Home Village: Village hidden in the Leaves (Konoha)

Short Character History: Samael is a mysterious guy his age is unknown he is a Angel/Demon/God of Death he carrys around a Scythe and Sword he can track any living thing in any area he is dependable and loyal he can track capture and purify souls he may look girly but do not underestimate him he is fast and agile and patient

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Re: Shichi Seijun no Buntai - Squad of the Pure Seven Applicatio

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Character Specialty: Taijutsu

Character Home Village: Konoha

Short Character History: Choujou Ka has been through the thick of life, using his bare hands to fight his way to reach his dream of becoming a true Taijutsu Master.

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Re: Shichi Seijun no Buntai - Squad of the Pure Seven Applicatio

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Character Specialty: Ninjutsu

Character Home Village:Arashigakure

Short Character History: She was put in the academy at the age of 6 and was doing well. She made some friends and had lots of training. She had rivals as well when she was learning through the years. She then at the age of 12 took her graduation exam in order to pass the class and become a ninja, She's had the highest scores on the writing and other parts of her exams. She's comes second to none in Ninjutsu and knows nearly all of them by heart

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